Dear Collin,

Thanks for the flowers. They are beautiful. But a big flower bouquet is not going to change the fact that you didn’t come to the party you were invited.
I know you sent them because Matt reminded you it was my birthday A WEEK AGO. You forgot about it. AGAIN! I received no call, no text message, no e-mail. But guess what? (i was going to write: „guess what, baby?”, but hey! you’re not my baby anymore!) I don’t give a FUCK! After all, you’ll be the one who’s going to cry. Not me. And you know why? Because nothing hurts more than not being with the one you love in such a special moment. And you are going to pay for all the tears that I’ve cried. You think that sending me FLOWERS is going to make me forgive you? Think again honey. Next time, try something more original.
You can come to get your flowers back. I don’t need them. At least you could have had the balls to come and bring them by yourself. But you didn’t and that makes you a coward! Please let me know when you’re coming. I might be busy.

(from „It’s payback time” by A.C.)

Happy Birthday

To ME!
Today, I’m turning 21. Or 12. Take it as you wish :))
I’ve had my B-day Party last night, in da club. Thank you all for coming and for being with me. Thanks for the hookah :”> and for the other presents :-* >:D<
I’ve had a great time, hope you did as well, but I still regret something … Damn!