beautiful stranger

i was there, waiting in my boredom for another day to pass, when something caught my eye. he was standing still in a corner of that dark room. i looked at him and my mouth fell open. he was so beautiful that i couldn’t believe it. i felt my heart speeding and my breath fastening – well known feelings. he was probably the most handsome man i’ve seen in my life.

he was wearing a pair of tight jeans, a blue first unbuttoned shirt and a leather jacket. his face… that was actually what hurted me the most. he had the most perfect face i’ve ever looked at. a straight jaw line, high cheekbones, full lips and straight nose. in one word: flawless. his light brown tousled hair looked more like my grandma’s haystack, but it didn’t seem to bother him. i chuckled, remembering my bad hair days. i lifted my head and something hit me like a wrecking ball – his eyes. there were seeking deep in my soul, burning me on the inside. he had probably noticed my idiot face while i was staring at him like a total freak and he was smiling, trying to be nice. but he was killing me softly. his gray-blue eyes were poisoning me, his deep gaze was burning my throat, making me feel like i’d drunk boiled water.

who on earth was he and why was he messing with my head like that? had i seen before? i couldn’t tell. but he reminded me of a song. a sad one, a moody ballad. i looked at my friend standing next to me and she told me, smiling and holding my hand: go, talk to him! i went in his way, trying not to trip. it was impossible, as i felt like i’ve drunk 5 bottles of vodka. when i’ve finally got next to him i tried to gather all the pieces of my mind and make a decent phrase, but i couldn’t. i was such an idiot! he smiled again, making my heart beat even faster and explode after a few moments. he raised my chin and his eyes hit me like a battering ram. i’ve reached out and stroke his cheek. his skin was so smooth under my fingertips, like silk. i stared at him for a moment and then a soft, but very familiar voice told me: make your choice!

i walked away from him, still feeling his look behind my back. i’ve made my choice. he was just a stranger to me. just a beautiful, perfect strainger with a poisoning gaze.


as i was walking away i heard a cheerful song and i knew that i was going to be late for work. AGAIN!!!